Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy Birthday to Coot & Sparrow

We celebrated Coot & Sparrows birthdays today.  Coot's birthday was actually on the 4th of June and Sparrow's is tomorrow the 8th.  We had a joint celebration and it was a lot of fun.

Here are a few pics of how it went:

Lego cookies.  My first attempt at cookie decorating.
I will have a more detailed post on how this went in the next few days.

The birthday guys.

Sparrow and his birthday money he received 
from his Great Grandparents.

Sparrow's Nintendo 3DS XL.  He loved it!

I bought Coot a camo chair hunting blind.

He liked it....a lot!  I bought him a little bit of leather working
supplies as well, but didn't get any pictures of him opening them.


Monday, May 26, 2014

My Latest Find

Look at the beauty I won at an online auction on May 20th.  I am so excited about it!!

Yes, you read that right!  It's a Bernina 1020!

A public school district in Texas was auctioning off 13 of them online.  Since I live in Mississippi, my daddy called me and let me know about it.  I made an account and waited patiently till closer to the closing date and time.

Isn't she pretty??

Needless to say, my patience paid off.  I won this Bernina for $65!!
I almost didn't bid.  I already have 3 sewing machines and an overlock/serger machine.  I really wasn't sure that I needed another one.  I also wasn't sure what condition it would be in and I am normally not much of a risk taker

I am SO glad I decided to take the risk!  This machine is GREAT!  Of course, I haven't been able to see it personally.  I only am going off these pictures my mom sent me.  My dad was so nice to go pick it up for me as soon as my payment receipt came through.

I don't know how much this machine is actually worth, but I can now say I am a proud owner of a Bernina sewing machine.  I have already been looking at different feet and accessories that will fit it.

It came mounted in a sewing table.  It turns out, it was the only machine of the 13 that had the foot pedal and power cord.  AND, most importantly, it works!!!

I am very happy!

If any of you know anything about Bernina and can offer any tips, please comment.  It is greatly appreciated.
Happy Sewing!


Friday, February 28, 2014

Albion Sew Along Photography

We have received our photos back from Southern Bella Photography.  Here they are:

And my absolute favorite:


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Albion Sew Along Steps 19 to Completion

I completed my Albion for the sew along yesterday.

Here are the pictures of the progression from step 19 through completion!

Here is the lining attached to the inside.
The sleeves proved to be the more difficult part of the lining to install.
At least, it was for me.

Then came buttons and button holes.

Here is a quick picture of it without the toggles added on.

Toggle making in progress.  
I decided to go with a rose pink cord and make my own.

The completed front of the coat.

A small glance of the back.
I decided to add some of my own changes to the pattern.
I added pleats and a back belt to try to make it more feminine.

I will be posting more pictures of the completed project that are MUCH better, but won't have them for a few more days.  I had them taken today by Coot's co-worker who takes professional portraits on the side.  Keep coming back and checking in, because I will be posting them sometime this week.  I also will be entering the photos into the Albion Sew-Along contest!!  YAY!


Monday, February 17, 2014

Albion Sew Along Steps 15~18

I have finished steps 15 through 18 now.  Once again, step 18 was just a customization option that I just jumped right over.

Step 15 was creating the sleeves and sewing them on:


Step 16 was creating the body and sleeve lining:

 Step 17 was adding the center front facing to the coat lining:

Step 18 was a customization of adding a zipper. 

I chose to not add a zipper for now.  I may regret that later, but I hope not!


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Albion Sew Along Steps 12 ~14

Steps 12 through 14 were creating the inseam pockets, hood, and adding a drawstring to the hood.  I didn't want the drawstring hood, so didn't do step 14.  I just jumped straight to step 15.

Here are pictures of these steps:

I think it's moving right on along at a fairly rapid pace now.  I think it's going to turn out okay.  I have never worked with plaid on such a detailed level.  I probably didn't get everything as lined up as it ought to be.  That is exactly why I cut the yokes and pockets on the diagonal.  I was hoping to help with that area a little bit and help reduce the complications of plaid some.

There's a first time for everything!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Albion Sew Along Steps 9-11

I have finished the next 3 steps of the Albion sew along and wanted to share my progress pictures with you.

Step 9 was cutting out the fabric and lining.  I also had to stay stitch the neck edges during this step.

The Pattern pieces laid out.  Let the cutting begin!

My stack of cut out fabric ready to get started sewing.

Stay stitching the raw neck edges to prevent stretching or distortion of the fabric.

Stay stitching the lining.

Step 10 was creating the patch pockets and attaching them to the front of the coat.

I deliberately cut the patch pockets with the plaid going diagonal
to give the pockets some contrast.

Step 11 was creating the yokes and sewing the front pieces to the back.

The front pieces are now sewn to the back piece. 
I evidently didn't take any pictures of the yokes by themselves before
attaching to the front/back pieces.  Sorry!

I have made a couple of modifications to the pattern to try to make it more feminine, but I don't want to reveal the pictures of those just yet.  You will see those when I finish the sew along.  What do you think of how it is looking so far?  I hope it looks ok!?