Thursday, May 27, 2010

Water Balloon Fight!

Our air conditioning stopped working sometime during the day yesterday. The house was 78 degrees and rising. Coot came home from work and discovered that the outside unit was the problem. It would turn on, but the fan wasn't working. It would just make a bunch of noise. He put a call into maintenance and we hoped it would be an easy fix.

Today the house reached 85 degrees and I had all the windows open, every ceiling fan on high speed, and a box fan in one of the shaded windows to help pull in cool air. It wasn't so hot it was totally unbearable, but it was still hot. I decided to let the kids have a water balloon fight to help them cool down and have fun at the same time.

They loved it! Coot came home on his lunch break and I filled up some more and let them have at it again. Coot joined in with them on that round. I was the photographer trying to catch the memories as they were being made.

The maintenance crew came to the house sometime around 1:30 and determined that the fan motor was burned out. They said they had a replacement part available and they needed to go pick it up and they would be right back. Twenty minutes later they were back with the part and by 2:30 it was up and running again. I quickly closed all the windows to allow the house to cool down. It was 85 degrees when they left and by the time 3:30 rolled around it was 78 degrees. We went grocery shopping and when we got back home it was 73 degrees. We had the thermostat set for 74, so it seems to be working perfectly! It's so funny how spoiled we are to our central heat and air. We survived the day by having a little fun outside. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow we will play in the sprinkler!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Learning to Ride

Today Chickadee came to me and told me that she wanted to learn to ride her bike without training wheels. I was actually surprised at this request. I know she is beyond ready at the age of 7 to ride without training wheels, but she doesn't really ride her bike all that much. When Coot got home from work, I told him about her request. We decided that after we ate dinner we would take her out and let her give it a shot. She did pretty good, but was too nervous to pedal for very far before putting her feet down and stopping. I guess it's a good case of nervousness and a fear of falling. We chose a grassy spot, because if she did fall she wouldn't get hurt badly. I am proud of her effort. She began to get tired and stopped trying as hard, so we called it a day and said we would try again on Thursday evening. Hopefully she will get it down then. Sparrow was wanting in on the action, so he pulled out his tractor to ride on. He got in the way a couple of times, but soon figured out that Chickadee did not have the best steering abilities without her trusty training wheels. He quickly learned to stay out of her way.

Look at that smile on his face! He was happy to be outside with his tractor. I am one proud mama! I love my children. Chickadee did great with only two real accidents. She put her feet down most of the time before she fell, so that prevented a lot of tears. Here is a video clip of her giving it her best shot.

I remember the first time I rode without training wheels. It was scary, but so exciting at the same time. I remember my two older sisters cheering me on. It was fun. I remember how grown up I felt when I conquered it. Hopefully this will be a really good memory for her as well.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sing It!!

We went to Atlanta, GA over the weekend to a family reunion. It was so wonderful to see all my loved ones on the Coker/Womack side of the family. I don't feel like I was able to get to spend enough time with everyone though. There just isn't enough time in one afternoon to get around to about 75-85 people! We had a great time and my husband got to meet some family members he has heard me talk about. I just wish we could have spent a whole week there to get to see the Carter side as well. Maybe next time.
We checked out of the motel at about 9:30 this morning to make the 6-1/2 hour drive home. As we were riding along I turned on Pandora on my Iphone and started up a gospel station. Sparrow decided that he was going to join in with the group that was singing. I think he may have been trying to sing bass, because he was trying to make his voice deep and gravelly. Coot and I were trying our very best not to laugh out loud, because we were enjoying it and didn't want him to stop. I asked Coot to record it, because his phone can take video and mine cannot. Unfortunately we didn't get very much of him singing, because I got the idea to record it toward the end of the song. It is still pretty funny & adorable. I thought it was so cute that I just had to share.

Here it is:

I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did. I am sorry I didn't get a longer clip of him singing. Believe me it was GREAT!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Potty Training, Packing, and A Sick Dog

First I want to report the good news. Sparrow has acquired 6 beautiful stickers on his potty chart! YAY! We are definitely gonna be 100% potty trained by the end of May. I chose this comic, because it speaks the truth of potty training. I will not miss the days of washing wet underwear and clothing in the washer 1 or 2 times daily, 7 days a week. It's a never ending job anyway without all the help of a potty training toddler. I'm gonna scream.....1....2....3.... DIAPER FREE!!!!

Now, today I have been doing laundry and prepping for a visit to see my family in Georgia. My Aunt has organized a huge family reunion. When I say huge I mean there is supposed to be 150 to 200 family members there. It's going to be so fun. I probably don't even know some of them. They have some really fun activities planned for the kids. I am so excited. I also love road trips! It's been very hard to get much done today, because the kids want to play, the dog has gotten sick, and I feel totally unorganized. I guess I better hurry up this post so that I can get back to it.

The dog. He is a whole different story. We discovered what we think is a mole hole/tunnel going under our garden on Wednesday afternoon. It was not there on Tuesday evening, so we assume he moved in sometime Wednesday morning or during the night. Nonetheless, our dog has not eaten a meal since. It could just be coincidence, but I am worried. I am worried that he caught and ate it and it has made him sick. He acts like he is constipated and hasn't had a bowel movement since Wednesday and he will not eat. He is barely drinking. He is very lethargic. He is just lying there resting. He won't hardly move. It's an effort just to get him to walk to the back door. I called the vet and he said to try some oil. I have given him some olive oil and I am hoping that will help loosen his bowels and get him feeling better. If he is not better by the time I get back from our weekend trip I will be making a visit to the vets office. Our poor doggy. I am so worried, but I don't want to rush into a bunch of vet bills. I guess they can be like kids. They get sick and sometimes it just has to run it's course. I am hoping that is the case.....

That's all for now. I had better get back to my trip preparations and packing.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hobo Bag

I was asked to sew this tote for a birthday gift. The girl, Kaitlyn, will be turning 15 on May 19th. Her mom asked me if she bought the purse kit if I would sew it for her. I am starting to become known as the seamstress in our church. I don't know why they all think that I can sew so well. I have never taken a single sewing class in my life. I had one sewing "lesson" right after I got married and it was just a very basic dress pattern.
I have to admit that I loved this project. The directions were kind of vague, but I was able to figure it out and master the pattern. I always feel so accomplished when I work my way through a project and it turns out as good as this one did. Tell me what you think in the comments. I might try my hand at making some more in different colors and patterns. This tote is reversible. You get two in one!

The "Hobo Tote Kit". It came with everything you needed. I still had to measure and cut out the individual pieces, but it did take the guess work out of matching the colors and it provided the purse handles.

The pieces are all cut out and ready to go.

The body of the bag is sewn together. I folded up one corner so you could see the inside material pattern. I also set the handles and the other pieces out for this picture.

The pleats I had to sew into three sides of the bag. It's coming together nicely.

The pleats are finished and the handle strips are ready to go.

The finished product! YAY!! A complete success! I love it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Crafty - Ipod carriers

I bought a "Quilts and More" magazine in December 2007 and it had some really great patterns in it. I have always wanted to learn how to quilt. I bought it with the intention of teaching myself some of the easier patterns and I never have sat down and tried. There are some other really neat patterns in it besides quilts though and a couple of months ago I decided to give one a go. It is for the Classic Ipod. I could definitely modify it to fit a nano as well. It was quite simple. I had a lot of fun making them. Here are some pics.

The denim one was my favorite. I absolutely loved the way it turned out!

Pockets included on the back to store your ear buds.

They could use a little bit of improvement. It is hard to determine exactly where to sew the button on, so they look a slight bit off center. I had so much fun making these though. I even made me one for my Iphone so that I could clip it to my purse strap and I wouldn't have to worry about it falling down into the bottom. Most of my purses don't have pockets to stick my phone in, so this is a great accessory. I love it!! This is the only pattern out of the whole magazine I have made so far. I am hoping to eventually get around to making one of those quilts. When I do, you can be assured it will wind up on here. I can't wait!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Potty, Potty, Potty!!

Does anybody remember that line from Animaniacs? The scene is of Wakko drinking a large soda at the movie theater when all the sudden he has the urge to potty. The theater potty is out of order, so he goes on a long search for a restroom. All the while he is saying, "Potty, Potty, Potty" and "Potty Emergency".

This seems to be the abounding word around our house. From "Do you need to potty?", "Don't potty in your undies.", and "Where do we use the potty?". It's just nothing but potty talk the past year...well...maybe longer than that. At last, we finally reached a point where it finally started to hit home. My son realized what we wanted from him sometime in December and has made tremendous progress. BUT, he would not go #2 on the potty. I even have him sleeping in big boy underwear at night. What gives? I have tried everything from stickers, candy, telling him we will take him to ride the train (he LOVES trains), and everything in between. We even told him he could not play the Nintendo Wii anymore until he started going #2 in the potty. He will be 4-years-old June 8th and it is quite embarrassing that my son is not 100% potty trained. I decided to try one last ditch effort to try to bribe him into going #2 on the potty. We went out and purchased a toy for him. One that we let him pick out for himself. That way he would (hopefully) really, really want it.

I decided to find a sticker chart and once he had successfully went #2 on the potty he would get a sticker. When he obtained 12 stickers he would get the toy. So, I went and found a cute potty chart online. It's a train with train track. The only problem is it had 24 sticker spots, but I just filled it in with 12 stickers and then explained to him that he had to fill in the other 12 tracks to get the toy. I also explained to him that he would only get a sticker if he went #2 in the potty. I just knew this was going to work! I could tell he wanted to play with that toy. So, I put the toy up in the window ledge in the bathroom and taped his potty chart to it, so that he would have a constant reminder of what the reward would be.

Day one passed by with no bowel movement. Day 2 arrived and he went in his underwear. This went on for a couple more days. I was so disappointed. I didn't know what to do. Then a week passed by. I was so discouraged.

Then it happened....One day he runs to me and says "mama, poo poo about to come out!". We ran to the bathroom, I put the toilet insert on the seat, and sat him down. I told him I would get him a book to read. Before I ever made it back to the bathroom he called out "Mama, I poo poo!" I went in and checked and sure enough, he had done it!! I was so happy! I cheered and clapped and made a BIG hoopla out of the whole deal. I then allowed him to put his own sticker on the chart. Then, guess what happened yesterday? He ran to me telling me he needed to go and once again he went on the potty!! I am thrilled! He did skip a day of going #2 between them, but it's okay! I feel like this is some major progress. I believe he is catching on. I hope that in a week or so I can proudly announce he is 100% potty trained and he earned that toy! We'll see...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome to the Neagle's Nest!

I just wanted to write a quick welcome and introduce myself. I will be going by the name of Lark. I am 30-years-old. I am happily married to a wonderful man whose name is "Coot" who is 29-years-old. I have two precious children who are dear to my heart. "Chickadee" who is 7-years-old and "Sparrow" who is 3-years-old. We are the Neagle's.
I am a mom who loves to sew, cook, read, and sing (even if it is really loud and off key)! I home school our daughter and will home school my son as soon as he's old enough to start. I am currently potty training and can't wait to reach potty success!
I hope to share with you some of my interests as well as funny or interesting things that may occur around our household.....This could get very interesting. I am going to blog it all, because blogging is cheaper than therapy.
So, follow me on my journey of being the mother of the Neagle's Nest!