Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hobo Bag

I was asked to sew this tote for a birthday gift. The girl, Kaitlyn, will be turning 15 on May 19th. Her mom asked me if she bought the purse kit if I would sew it for her. I am starting to become known as the seamstress in our church. I don't know why they all think that I can sew so well. I have never taken a single sewing class in my life. I had one sewing "lesson" right after I got married and it was just a very basic dress pattern.
I have to admit that I loved this project. The directions were kind of vague, but I was able to figure it out and master the pattern. I always feel so accomplished when I work my way through a project and it turns out as good as this one did. Tell me what you think in the comments. I might try my hand at making some more in different colors and patterns. This tote is reversible. You get two in one!

The "Hobo Tote Kit". It came with everything you needed. I still had to measure and cut out the individual pieces, but it did take the guess work out of matching the colors and it provided the purse handles.

The pieces are all cut out and ready to go.

The body of the bag is sewn together. I folded up one corner so you could see the inside material pattern. I also set the handles and the other pieces out for this picture.

The pleats I had to sew into three sides of the bag. It's coming together nicely.

The pleats are finished and the handle strips are ready to go.

The finished product! YAY!! A complete success! I love it!


  1. OK, someone is getting more than just a little crafty around here.

  2. I suggested she start selling them on Etsy or something similar.


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