Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Potty, Potty, Potty!!

Does anybody remember that line from Animaniacs? The scene is of Wakko drinking a large soda at the movie theater when all the sudden he has the urge to potty. The theater potty is out of order, so he goes on a long search for a restroom. All the while he is saying, "Potty, Potty, Potty" and "Potty Emergency".

This seems to be the abounding word around our house. From "Do you need to potty?", "Don't potty in your undies.", and "Where do we use the potty?". It's just nothing but potty talk the past year...well...maybe longer than that. At last, we finally reached a point where it finally started to hit home. My son realized what we wanted from him sometime in December and has made tremendous progress. BUT, he would not go #2 on the potty. I even have him sleeping in big boy underwear at night. What gives? I have tried everything from stickers, candy, telling him we will take him to ride the train (he LOVES trains), and everything in between. We even told him he could not play the Nintendo Wii anymore until he started going #2 in the potty. He will be 4-years-old June 8th and it is quite embarrassing that my son is not 100% potty trained. I decided to try one last ditch effort to try to bribe him into going #2 on the potty. We went out and purchased a toy for him. One that we let him pick out for himself. That way he would (hopefully) really, really want it.

I decided to find a sticker chart and once he had successfully went #2 on the potty he would get a sticker. When he obtained 12 stickers he would get the toy. So, I went and found a cute potty chart online. It's a train with train track. The only problem is it had 24 sticker spots, but I just filled it in with 12 stickers and then explained to him that he had to fill in the other 12 tracks to get the toy. I also explained to him that he would only get a sticker if he went #2 in the potty. I just knew this was going to work! I could tell he wanted to play with that toy. So, I put the toy up in the window ledge in the bathroom and taped his potty chart to it, so that he would have a constant reminder of what the reward would be.

Day one passed by with no bowel movement. Day 2 arrived and he went in his underwear. This went on for a couple more days. I was so disappointed. I didn't know what to do. Then a week passed by. I was so discouraged.

Then it happened....One day he runs to me and says "mama, poo poo about to come out!". We ran to the bathroom, I put the toilet insert on the seat, and sat him down. I told him I would get him a book to read. Before I ever made it back to the bathroom he called out "Mama, I poo poo!" I went in and checked and sure enough, he had done it!! I was so happy! I cheered and clapped and made a BIG hoopla out of the whole deal. I then allowed him to put his own sticker on the chart. Then, guess what happened yesterday? He ran to me telling me he needed to go and once again he went on the potty!! I am thrilled! He did skip a day of going #2 between them, but it's okay! I feel like this is some major progress. I believe he is catching on. I hope that in a week or so I can proudly announce he is 100% potty trained and he earned that toy! We'll see...


  1. All right!

    Love it. Just what was needed.


  2. That is such a great idea!! Mom used to take me to Motts Five & Dime to pick out a toy if I was really good at the dentist...I loved that!!


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