Friday, May 14, 2010

Potty Training, Packing, and A Sick Dog

First I want to report the good news. Sparrow has acquired 6 beautiful stickers on his potty chart! YAY! We are definitely gonna be 100% potty trained by the end of May. I chose this comic, because it speaks the truth of potty training. I will not miss the days of washing wet underwear and clothing in the washer 1 or 2 times daily, 7 days a week. It's a never ending job anyway without all the help of a potty training toddler. I'm gonna scream.....1....2....3.... DIAPER FREE!!!!

Now, today I have been doing laundry and prepping for a visit to see my family in Georgia. My Aunt has organized a huge family reunion. When I say huge I mean there is supposed to be 150 to 200 family members there. It's going to be so fun. I probably don't even know some of them. They have some really fun activities planned for the kids. I am so excited. I also love road trips! It's been very hard to get much done today, because the kids want to play, the dog has gotten sick, and I feel totally unorganized. I guess I better hurry up this post so that I can get back to it.

The dog. He is a whole different story. We discovered what we think is a mole hole/tunnel going under our garden on Wednesday afternoon. It was not there on Tuesday evening, so we assume he moved in sometime Wednesday morning or during the night. Nonetheless, our dog has not eaten a meal since. It could just be coincidence, but I am worried. I am worried that he caught and ate it and it has made him sick. He acts like he is constipated and hasn't had a bowel movement since Wednesday and he will not eat. He is barely drinking. He is very lethargic. He is just lying there resting. He won't hardly move. It's an effort just to get him to walk to the back door. I called the vet and he said to try some oil. I have given him some olive oil and I am hoping that will help loosen his bowels and get him feeling better. If he is not better by the time I get back from our weekend trip I will be making a visit to the vets office. Our poor doggy. I am so worried, but I don't want to rush into a bunch of vet bills. I guess they can be like kids. They get sick and sometimes it just has to run it's course. I am hoping that is the case.....

That's all for now. I had better get back to my trip preparations and packing.

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