Monday, May 17, 2010

Sing It!!

We went to Atlanta, GA over the weekend to a family reunion. It was so wonderful to see all my loved ones on the Coker/Womack side of the family. I don't feel like I was able to get to spend enough time with everyone though. There just isn't enough time in one afternoon to get around to about 75-85 people! We had a great time and my husband got to meet some family members he has heard me talk about. I just wish we could have spent a whole week there to get to see the Carter side as well. Maybe next time.
We checked out of the motel at about 9:30 this morning to make the 6-1/2 hour drive home. As we were riding along I turned on Pandora on my Iphone and started up a gospel station. Sparrow decided that he was going to join in with the group that was singing. I think he may have been trying to sing bass, because he was trying to make his voice deep and gravelly. Coot and I were trying our very best not to laugh out loud, because we were enjoying it and didn't want him to stop. I asked Coot to record it, because his phone can take video and mine cannot. Unfortunately we didn't get very much of him singing, because I got the idea to record it toward the end of the song. It is still pretty funny & adorable. I thought it was so cute that I just had to share.

Here it is:

I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did. I am sorry I didn't get a longer clip of him singing. Believe me it was GREAT!

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  1. Gotta Love It!!!!!

    At least Grandma and I did.


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