Thursday, May 27, 2010

Water Balloon Fight!

Our air conditioning stopped working sometime during the day yesterday. The house was 78 degrees and rising. Coot came home from work and discovered that the outside unit was the problem. It would turn on, but the fan wasn't working. It would just make a bunch of noise. He put a call into maintenance and we hoped it would be an easy fix.

Today the house reached 85 degrees and I had all the windows open, every ceiling fan on high speed, and a box fan in one of the shaded windows to help pull in cool air. It wasn't so hot it was totally unbearable, but it was still hot. I decided to let the kids have a water balloon fight to help them cool down and have fun at the same time.

They loved it! Coot came home on his lunch break and I filled up some more and let them have at it again. Coot joined in with them on that round. I was the photographer trying to catch the memories as they were being made.

The maintenance crew came to the house sometime around 1:30 and determined that the fan motor was burned out. They said they had a replacement part available and they needed to go pick it up and they would be right back. Twenty minutes later they were back with the part and by 2:30 it was up and running again. I quickly closed all the windows to allow the house to cool down. It was 85 degrees when they left and by the time 3:30 rolled around it was 78 degrees. We went grocery shopping and when we got back home it was 73 degrees. We had the thermostat set for 74, so it seems to be working perfectly! It's so funny how spoiled we are to our central heat and air. We survived the day by having a little fun outside. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow we will play in the sprinkler!

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