Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome to the Neagle's Nest!

I just wanted to write a quick welcome and introduce myself. I will be going by the name of Lark. I am 30-years-old. I am happily married to a wonderful man whose name is "Coot" who is 29-years-old. I have two precious children who are dear to my heart. "Chickadee" who is 7-years-old and "Sparrow" who is 3-years-old. We are the Neagle's.
I am a mom who loves to sew, cook, read, and sing (even if it is really loud and off key)! I home school our daughter and will home school my son as soon as he's old enough to start. I am currently potty training and can't wait to reach potty success!
I hope to share with you some of my interests as well as funny or interesting things that may occur around our household.....This could get very interesting. I am going to blog it all, because blogging is cheaper than therapy.
So, follow me on my journey of being the mother of the Neagle's Nest!

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