Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Small Harvest

I just came back in from checking on my garden. I am so thrilled with how well it has done this year. I currently have picked 3 cantaloupes and have 6 left. One of them was too soft and had been invaded by insects....oops! It was hidden by the leaves, so I didn't know it was ready and the insects got to it before I did. The one we ate yesterday was very good and sweet. I was able to pick another one today and it definitely appears ready to eat. I took a picture of some of the stuff I picked today. I have had quite a harvest for it being a small garden.

The stuff in the bag is the romaine lettuce I picked today. It's not a very good picture of it, but it looks good. Look at that cantaloupe!! I don't know how big around it is, but just laying a ruler beside it shows it at about 9 inches from tip to tip!! On top of all this I picked today, I have a bag almost full in the freezer of both okra and peppers. I didn't take a picture of the frozen okra, but I did take one of the peppers. Here it is.

I also was able to pick 18 ears of corn back in June. YUMMY!!

Here is one more picture. It is of the cantaloupe I cut open yesterday. It isn't a very good picture, because I took it with my phone.

This year has been so much better than last. The okra has produced about the same, but nothing else turned out near as well. I never thought that I could be a gardener. It always seemed as if I killed every kind of plant ever given to me. Ivy's included. Those things are supposed to be hard to kill, but give one to me and it would be dead in no time!


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