Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to School

It's that time of year again. It's time to prep for going back to school. I will be starting my 4-year-old son in pre-k this year. It is going to be quite an adventure trying to homeschool two children instead of just one. I know I can do it. Now, whether or not I keep my sanity is another matter.

Chickadee's curriculum is on it's way. I use Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E). She has used A.C.E. since pre-k and has done really well with it. I will be using Christian Light for Sparrow's pre-k this year, because it is significantly cheaper than A.C.E. I will move him to A.C.E. for kindergarten. I really like the A.C.E. curriculum, because it allows them to work at their own pace and level. It also allows my daughter to work independently. Sure, I still help her quite a bit, but it doesn't require me to stand over her the entire day. That is a good thing since I am going to be spending a huge amount of my time working with Sparrow.

As soon as the curriculum arrives I will need to go buy the required school supplies. I pretty much know what Sparrow will need. He will need all the basics. Pencils, crayons, safety scissors, erasers, and a writing tablet. Chickadee, on the other hand, has most of her supplies from last year. They are still in good shape for the most part. She will need new crayons and lead for her mechanical pencils. The curriculum will let me know if she needs anything special outside of what she already has.

So, here's to a new adventure in homeschooling. I am sure I will have some fun things to post about as we look forward to another school year.



  1. I plan to homeschool my oldest this year too! I've never heard of A.C.E, but will have to look into it. Blessings as you begin another year of school. = )

    BTW, I like your new blog background. Its really cute!

  2. Thank you for the blessings and the compliment on my background. =)


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