Saturday, August 21, 2010

Birthday Party Success!

I am wore out!! After today's party, I know why I have opted to have small parties in the past. Beginning with the cake above. I have been working on that cake since Thursday night! It turned out pretty good though. I got the idea from here.

Not that I regret having the company today. It was a BLAST!! We had so much fun, but I am so tired! We had a total of 17 guests show up for the party. I have been a very busy bee. Chickadee keeps saying how much she loved the party and that it was the "best one she has ever a had". Now, I think she may be exaggerating a little bit because she says that about everything. "Mama, this is the best roast I have ever had" and "Mama, this is the best cookies I have ever had" are some of her favorite sayings. I know that she is just giving me some big compliments and I love it, but I know today was not the best she has ever had nor will it be the last. I am just happy, because she is happy. Here are some picture highlights of the day:

The birthday cake with everyone singing to her.

The Playmobil dollhouse. She loved it!

Some littlest pet shop type toys.

"Farmer Boy" by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Play-Doh Cake Makin' Station.

This was definitely birthday party success!!


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  1. Coolest cake ever! I love it! My daughter would love that.


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