Saturday, August 21, 2010

Birthday Party Success!

I am wore out!! After today's party, I know why I have opted to have small parties in the past. Beginning with the cake above. I have been working on that cake since Thursday night! It turned out pretty good though. I got the idea from here.

Not that I regret having the company today. It was a BLAST!! We had so much fun, but I am so tired! We had a total of 17 guests show up for the party. I have been a very busy bee. Chickadee keeps saying how much she loved the party and that it was the "best one she has ever a had". Now, I think she may be exaggerating a little bit because she says that about everything. "Mama, this is the best roast I have ever had" and "Mama, this is the best cookies I have ever had" are some of her favorite sayings. I know that she is just giving me some big compliments and I love it, but I know today was not the best she has ever had nor will it be the last. I am just happy, because she is happy. Here are some picture highlights of the day:

The birthday cake with everyone singing to her.

The Playmobil dollhouse. She loved it!

Some littlest pet shop type toys.

"Farmer Boy" by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Play-Doh Cake Makin' Station.

This was definitely birthday party success!!



  1. Coolest cake ever! I love it! My daughter would love that.

  2. Such a lovely designer cake and seems to be yummy too. Went for a musical show at one of the exotic home studios NYC few weeks back. All the music composed was soothing and instruments over there were branded. They got innumerable compliments and cheering from all the guests


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