Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blueberry Jam

We were given a grocery bag full of fresh blueberries by a friend of ours. I really didn't know what to do about all those berries, so I decided to make blueberry jam. I could can it up and it could be stored in the pantry. I went out and bought the jars and a bag of sugar today. I bought Certo fruit pectin. They had recipes on a paper inside the box that I could follow to make either freezer jam or cooked jam. I don't have the freezer space for a bunch of freezer jam, so I went with the cooking method. Here are some pictures:

Taste testing. This was after we were done filling the jars, I promise. (This is not the most flattering picture.)

The boiling and removal process. I had to let them boil for 10 minutes to make sure the lids would seal. As they cool, they are supposed to pull the middle of the lids in. That's how you know they sealed properly. All of these jars did. It was a success!

I only bought 12 jars. After I filled them all, I still had some jam left, so I pulled out an old honey jar and poured the rest in it. It all fit, too. It is probably 32 to 36 ounces worth of jam. I will have to refrigerate it since the seal on it was old and wouldn't re-seal down. That's okay with me though. My son is a PB&J fan and so am I. It will all get eaten....eventually.

The grand finale!! After we let the jam cool off, Coot and I gave it a taste test. It was absolutely delicious!! The big 32 ounce jar is now in the fridge getting cold. I will definitely be having toast in the morning!

Happy Jamming!

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  1. Oh' yum! I love homemade jam. I'd say your canning experience was a success.


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