Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We started our Labor Day weekend on Friday. My sister-in-law flew in for a 4 day visit. She arrived Thursday night and stayed until Monday night. We had so much fun! I gave my children Friday and Monday off of school, so that they could spend time with their Aunt P. This is another advantage to home school. We can take days off if needed for impromptu lessons, field trips, or in this case visitors!
We started off the 4-day weekend with a trip to Gattitown on Friday for pizza and games. Because it was a school day, there was only a few people there. We practically had the whole place to ourselves! It was a blast and the food was very good!

Good Food!!

And fun games!!

We did a little shopping at Old Navy. We walked away from the store with some new blue jeans for Sparrow, a new shirt for Chickadee, a new shirt for me, and a 2 new shirts for Coot. We got some great deals!

Saturday we just hung around the house playing games, reading, and just enjoying each others' company.
Sunday we all went to church together and had a great service. Everything was so good, from Sunday school, worship service, and the sermons.

Monday we had a water balloon fight, went to the park, and then finished off the day by going to grab some Sonny's barbecue for dinner before dropping Paige off at the airport. Goodbyes are so hard to say. We had so much fun while she was here. My daughter shed some tears when she left, but I assured her we will see Aunt P again. More than likely at Christmas, which isn't all that far away.

Speaking of Christmas, it is only 108 days away. Aye yai yai, I had better get busy!!



  1. Did you have to remind me about Christmas??? lol We spent Sunday with the Maxon's and then Justin took his exit exam for HS on Monday.

  2. What a fun weekend! I am so glad you could have that time with your sister-in-law! And goodbyes are always hard! But you're right~ Christmas isn't that far away at all! That could be a stressful thought if I dwell on it...

    Have a beautiful day! :)


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