Monday, January 31, 2011

Oven Pancake

Have you ever had an oven pancake?

We have!

If you haven't, you really need to try one. Today!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BBQ Chicken Pizza

This is a pizza that my husband and I make together.

First, you will need to make the crust (or purchase it if that's what you prefer).

I will share my recipe with you if you want it. Just leave a comment or use the contact me button in the right sidebar and I will send it to you via e-mail. I use a recipe out of Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. It's a really good recipe.

The crust is ready. Now it's time for the chicken.

Just put some BBQ rub and sauce on the chicken and grill or cook it up in a skillet.

Cut the chicken into chunks or thin strips.

Pre-bake the crust if the instructions tell you to. Spread BBQ sauce down on the crust. Top it with the chicken strips and cheese of your choice.
I used Cheddar, but Mozzarella is really good, too! Put it back in the oven for a few minutes and Viola, it's ready to eat!

My family loves this pizza and it's fairly easy to make.



Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Day

We had a pretty good New Year's Day. It started off kind of scary, but wound up being a pretty good day. We put the kids to bed at 10:30 and we stayed up until around 11:00. Next thing we know, we are being woke up by the Tornado Sirens blaring. We jumped out of bed, grabbed the kids, and ran into the hallway. We put them in the linen closet doorway to provide some extra protection for them. The walls shook a little and it got a little loud and then it was over! I looked at my phone it was 12:01. My husband looked at me and said, "Happy New Year"! I just laughed and said, "I hope this isn't a sign of things to come". The next morning we went driving around the campus to see how much damage was done. It wasn't that bad. It was just a couple of downed trees, a downed power line, and some loose branches scattered about. Nothing major!

We are thankful that the Lord kept his hands over us!

I made us a yummy New Year's dinner of Ham, green bean casserole, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and black eyed peas. It was really good!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Place Like Home for the Holidays

There is no place like home

for the holidays.

No matter how far away

you roam.

When you long for the sunshine

of a friendly gaze,

for the holidays

you can't beat

home sweet home!

If you want to be happy in a million ways,

For the holidays...

you can't beat home sweet home!