Friday, February 4, 2011

My Twinn Doll

My daughter's "My Twinn Doll" arrived Thursday. Let me just say, we are VERY pleased. The doll's hair looks and feels like real hair. The body is well made. And, above all, my daughter loves her! She does look like my daughter. From the hair color, to the freckles, and the eyebrows. You can tell that the face is hand painted with the best of care!

The doll is 23 inches tall. The eyes had a little film on them (possibly glue from them gluing the eyelashes on). This easily cleaned off with a baby wipe. The eyelashes even had a hint of red to them to match the strawberry blonde hair. There is an engraving on the back of the neck to show that it is an authentic My Twinn. It arrived in a really nice box and was "fastened" down with ribbons. No zip ties, screws, or plastic coated metal twist ties. It was delicately packaged, which I appreciated. It gave it a very special feel.

I would like to say a HUGE thanks to Beth over at Happily Domestic for hosting the My Twinn giveaway! I hope to buy some accessories and matching outfits for my twin girls that I now have running around under foot.

I also intend to sit down and sew some matching outfits myself because I think I can make matching clothes for less than purchasing them. The prices for the girls outfits can be pretty steep at $50. The doll outfits run about $29. I am just picky when it comes to buying/sizing my daughter online without some actual measurements to go by, especially at those kind of prices.



  1. Ah, this is great! Made my day. :-) So glad she loves her doll. They look adorable together. I will re-post this on my blog soon!
    By the way, check out ebay for the outfits and there is also I shop online I found called Little Butterfly that sells Girl and doll outfits for the 23 inch dolls. Her prices are decent.

  2. I finally blogged about the doll. Here it is:

  3. Love your pics! Aren't these dolls great? They are so well made and ours has taken a little beating since she is also played by my 20 month old daughter as well as the 6 year old.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, too! Congrats on your winning, too!


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