Saturday, October 22, 2011

Learning to Read

We have been back in school for almost 2 months now. Sparrow started kindergarten this year and is already starting to read. It is so exciting to see and hear him sounding out words built with the letter sounds he has learned so far. He is doing really well. Here is a short video clip of him showing Coot, aka Daddy, what he has learned.

Chickadee is in 5th grade this year and has been enjoying most of her subjects. She doesn't care that much for math, but is good at it. I find that kind of funny. A subject she doesn't like, but she really excels at! Anyway, she has been learning long division and dividing with remainders. She also is currently learning about simple and complex machines in Science. She is learning about the early settlers and Native Americans in Social Studies. She is also still loving literature and creative writing. The girl loves to read!

Overall, the school year has gone well. The only trouble I have had so far is teaching Sparrow how to write. He is very left-handed and I am very right-handed. This has presented a challenge, but he seems to be getting along just fine. We have fumbled our way through it so far! I have had him mirroring me more often here lately. That method seems to work the best! And, so far, he has not had the "hook" in his arm as he writes. That is very good!! I must be doing something right.