Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Cookies By Mom...

....and kids!

We had a lot of fun making some cookies. I have these really fun cookie stamps that you dip in colored sugar and then stamp the cookies with them! The kids loved it! Every time I make sugar cookies I can't help but think of a cute kids song. It is from a tape called, "Precious Moments: The Brightest Star". I am going to try to use a few of the words here, so, here it goes:

Mounds and mounds of ooey, gooey, spicy, icing!

Give me, give me what I'm longing for!

Open that oven door! Now do yourself a favor and grab a cookie neighbor...

...every single flavor is sure to be your favorite one.

Of sugar cookies by mom!

Eat your heart out Betty Crocker! Move on over Duncan Hines! Sayonara Sara Lee!


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  1. I remember this collection of songs. I've been looking for a copy of this to do with sunday school program. I still remember most of the songs almost 30yrs later


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