Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mississippi Children's Museum

We took Chickadee and Sparrow to the Mississippi Children's Museum for a day filled with fun and learning. We decided to go on a Friday, so that it wouldn't be as busy as it would be on a weekend. We, of course, were able to count this as a school field trip! YAY!

The entrance into the museum.
It was a rainy day. A great day to be indoors playing!

The interior.
Look at all that fun stuff!

HUGE Scrabble board.
It looked like a ton of fun to play. Someone was already playing, though.

Music Room
We learned about music and famous musicians from Mississippi. Elvis Presley and Leann Rimes are a couple of them.

Learning how different machines work. They had a crane, oil driller, tractors, and all kinds of neat machines. They had to try to pick up the (foam) logs and move them with this machine.

State Capital.
This area was a large map you walked around on with different historical places you could explore along the way.

This display taught you how gears work. You had to place the gears on magnets and try to get them to make the little person on top ride their bike or run.

Rock climbing time!

Nissan Altima.
The Nissan plant here in Mississippi donated this car to the museum. It had a clear glass hood and a fake jack and wheel you could use. You could raise the car up, take the wheel off, put it back on and lower it back down. It also had a play gas pump for you to fill it up with gas and the pump would read how much gas it took. It was a lot of fun.

The Stomach Theater
This was the plate and mouth. This area walked you through the digestive system. Sounds accompanied you throughout your journey. The stomach made squishing noises, etc.

Small Intestine
From the mouth you crawled through a tunnel to the stomach. It connected to another tunnel that was supposed to be the small intestine.

Crawling through the small intestine. The purple you see is the large intestine.

This was where you came out of the digestive system. When you slid down to the toilet, it would make a flushing sound! HAHAHA

You know it's fun when even adults play on the displays, too!
Do you see those two guys playing with the crane?


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  1. That looks like a totally cool museum - I think I wanna go :)


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