Monday, September 24, 2012

Easter Dress

Okay, I know I am waaaayyyyy behind on posting this, but it seems I just can't find much time for blogging these days.  I have such a crazy hectic schedule.  BUT, I think there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Coot and I have been talking about the possibility of my quitting my part-time job sometime in the very near future.  I am crossing my fingers for Christmas, but it may be more like Jan/Feb.  We'll see!

Anyway, I took pictures of the process of making mine and Chickadee's Easter dresses.  Once again, this is a pattern I bought from Colette Patterns.  It's the Peony and I love it!  So, here we go:

I just free handed Chickadee's dress top on some paper and then cut it out and sewed it together. I then used the Peony pattern to make the dress bottom and belt.  I made a really cute flower out of scrap material that was left over.  I will share that in a later post.  I also will make a separate post about my Easter dress.