Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Skirt

I showed you how I made ruffle tops for Chickadee and myself the other day.  I went with a gray and white chevron fabric for our skirts.

 I measured how much fabric I would need.  
I then folded it in half with right sides together.

 I attempted to line up the side seams.
I then sewed the open side straight down.
Use an iron to press the seam when your done.

 I folded the top down enough for my elastic to fit  (creating a waistband)
leaving about 1 inch open to insert the elastic.

I attached a safety pin to the elastic and began threading it through.
You have to be careful here because you don't want the other 
end to pull into the waistband.

Just another picture of the elastic inserting process.

Almost done!

Finished!  Now, sew the elastic ends together and 
sew the waistband hole shut.

 Hem the bottom of the skirt and your done!  It was sew easy! Hehehe


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