Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Albion Sew Along Steps 9-11

I have finished the next 3 steps of the Albion sew along and wanted to share my progress pictures with you.

Step 9 was cutting out the fabric and lining.  I also had to stay stitch the neck edges during this step.

The Pattern pieces laid out.  Let the cutting begin!

My stack of cut out fabric ready to get started sewing.

Stay stitching the raw neck edges to prevent stretching or distortion of the fabric.

Stay stitching the lining.

Step 10 was creating the patch pockets and attaching them to the front of the coat.

I deliberately cut the patch pockets with the plaid going diagonal
to give the pockets some contrast.

Step 11 was creating the yokes and sewing the front pieces to the back.

The front pieces are now sewn to the back piece. 
I evidently didn't take any pictures of the yokes by themselves before
attaching to the front/back pieces.  Sorry!

I have made a couple of modifications to the pattern to try to make it more feminine, but I don't want to reveal the pictures of those just yet.  You will see those when I finish the sew along.  What do you think of how it is looking so far?  I hope it looks ok!?


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