Monday, May 26, 2014

My Latest Find

Look at the beauty I won at an online auction on May 20th.  I am so excited about it!!

Yes, you read that right!  It's a Bernina 1020!

A public school district in Texas was auctioning off 13 of them online.  Since I live in Mississippi, my daddy called me and let me know about it.  I made an account and waited patiently till closer to the closing date and time.

Isn't she pretty??

Needless to say, my patience paid off.  I won this Bernina for $65!!
I almost didn't bid.  I already have 3 sewing machines and an overlock/serger machine.  I really wasn't sure that I needed another one.  I also wasn't sure what condition it would be in and I am normally not much of a risk taker

I am SO glad I decided to take the risk!  This machine is GREAT!  Of course, I haven't been able to see it personally.  I only am going off these pictures my mom sent me.  My dad was so nice to go pick it up for me as soon as my payment receipt came through.

I don't know how much this machine is actually worth, but I can now say I am a proud owner of a Bernina sewing machine.  I have already been looking at different feet and accessories that will fit it.

It came mounted in a sewing table.  It turns out, it was the only machine of the 13 that had the foot pedal and power cord.  AND, most importantly, it works!!!

I am very happy!

If any of you know anything about Bernina and can offer any tips, please comment.  It is greatly appreciated.
Happy Sewing!